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Famous Like Me > Actor > K > Takuya Kimura

Profile of Takuya Kimura on Famous Like Me

Name: Takuya Kimura  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 13th November 1972
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Profession: Actor
From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia

Takuya Kimura (木村 拓哉 Kimura Takuya, nicknamed Kimutaku.) (born November 13, 1972 in Tokyo) is a Japanese actor and singer, a member of the pop group SMAP.

In 1987, he was taken on by the Johnny's Jimusho talent agency, which specializes in handsome young male idols, and became a member of Johnny's Junior. One of his relatives had sent in the application. He was in a Jr. unit called "Skate Boys". Skate Boys used to be backup dancers of Hikaru Genji, which at the time was a popular group.

In 1988, SMAP (Masahiro Nakai, Takuya Kimura, Goro Ingaki, Katsuyuki Mori, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Shingo Katori) was created. Although all SMAP members were in a dorama in 1988, Takuya's father didn't like his son working in the entertainment industry.

In 1989, Takuya was in a play called Modoken. When Takuya's father came to see the play, he was impressed by his son's acting ability, and urged his son to pursue his career.

In 1990, he was in a drama called "Brother, sister, I don't wanna die!" He starred as a sick boy.

In 1991, his dream was realized when SMAP debuted with a single called "Can't Stop!! ~Loving." However, SMAP was not very popular for a Johnny's Idol Group at that time. Their debut single wasn't a success, and when they had their first concert, the hall was almost empty.

SMAP slowly gained popularity through a variety program called 愛ラブSMAP, though.

1993 was a year of opportunity for SMAP and Takuya. He was in a drama called Asunaro Hakusho, which was a huge hit. In that drama, he starred as Osamu Toride, an university student who is in love with a girl called Narumi Sonoda. Toride was portrayed as a shy guy who only cares about one girl.

SMAP also got more popular with a single called $10. Hikaru Genji was not as popular anymore and it was time for SMAP to get the spotlight.

In 1994, Kimutaku Syndrome made this newcomer a superstar. But in reality, he hates being called Kimutaku and has asked his fans not to call him that.

He was voted the Favorite Guy by Japanese women's magazine "AnAn", and was also voted as the Best Jeanist. So far, he has been voted the favorite guy 12 times consecutively and will not be included from next year.

In 1995, he was also in a movie called 君を忘れない, which gained people's attention.

In 1996, a drama called Long Vacation made him even more popular. He was a young shy pianist called "Sena" who falls in love with an older girl who used be a model. 'Long Vacation' topped the TV ratings, and ever since, every drama of Takuya has become a big hit.

SMAP then started a variety show called 'SMAP X SMAP' which made SMAP even more popular.

In 1997, he was in two dramas. 'Gift' and 'Love Generation." Love Generation topped the ratings and was very popular. Gift was criticized in some ways because some people thought it encouraged teenage crime.

In 1999, he broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Kaorin. He and Kaorin were together for nine years, but Kaorin dumped Takuya because she was tired of being 'Kimutaku's girlfriend.' Takuya was very sad about it.

With the success of TV drama Beautiful Life, in 2000, he was at the peak of his popularity when he announced his marriage with 'Shizuka Kudo,' an idol singer. Of course, his fans were shocked and angered. Shizuka was pregnant when they announced their marriage. Many people thought Takuya Kimura's career would finish with his marriage.

In 2001, however, Takuya proved that he was not finished yet with a drama called Hero. Hero set a record with its very high TV ratings.

In 2001, his first daughter, Kokomi, was born and his second daughter, Mitsuki, was born in 2003. Takuya is still very popular. He was in many dramas after Hero, such as Sorakara Furu Ichiokuno Hoshi, Good Luck!!, and Pride.

He was also in a movie called '2046' as Tak, and voice actor of Howl in Hayao Miyazaki's animation Howl's Moving Castle.


  • Height: 176cm
  • Weight: 57kg
  • B94-W68-H91
  • Bloodtype O
  • Official Debut (SMAP): 1991
  • Family: Shizuka Kudo (wife), Kokomi Kimura (daughter), Mitsuki Kimura (daughter)
  • Hobby: Surfing, snowboarding, Fishing



  • Sono toki haatowa nusumareta
  • Otouto(1990)
  • Izu no odorikko(1993)
  • Asunaro hakusho (1993)
  • Wakamono no subete (1994)
  • Kimi wa toki no kanata e (1995)
  • Jinsei wa joujoda (1995)
  • Long Vacation (1996)
  • Kyousoukyoku (1996)
  • Furuhata Ninzaburo 1 (1996)
  • Gift (1997)
  • Ii Hito (1997)
  • Love Generation (1997)
  • Boku ga boku de aru tame ni(1997)
  • Nemureru Mori (1998)
  • Oda Nobunaga(1998)
  • Konya wa Eigyouchuu (1999)
  • Food Fight (2000)
  • Beautiful Life (2000)
  • Hero (2001)
  • Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi (2002)
  • Chuushingura 1/47(2002)
  • Good Luck!! (2003)
  • Pride (2004)
  • Engine (dorama)|Engine (2005)

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