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Profile of Tanya Turner on Famous Like Me

Name: Tanya Turner  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 14th September 1988
Place of Birth: Bakersfield, California, USA
Profession: Actress
From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia
Tanya Turner as played by Zoe Lucker

Tanya Turner is a character in Footballers Wives and briefly in sister show Bad Girls, played by Zöe Lucker. Tanya was a central character in the show until the fourth episode of the fourth series when she left. She was known for her being a bitch with her manipulative, ruthless and power-hungry behaviour often being the centre of many of the shows storylines.

Footballers Wives

First and second series

Tanya was originally married to the captain of Earls Park Football Team, Jason Turner. Their relationship was rocky with both Tanya and Jason having extra-marital relationships, Jason with Jackie Pascoe and Donna Walmsley sister Marie. Their marriage ended when Chardonnay Lane-Pascoe pushed him off a hotel roof at the end of the second season.

Tanya was the 'queen bee' of the footballers wives, the leader of the pack, and most of all, the controller behind the scenes.

Third series

Her next husband was the chairman of the club, Frank Laslett who she was blackmailed into marrying. She turned the marriage to her advantage by going through his bank accounts, however they were not as bottomless as she would have liked. Tanya soon got tired of Frank and began to seduce Conrad Gates behind his back, and had sex with Conrad twice (on a plane and in a laundry room). First she had to dispose of Frank and used his recent heart trouble to her advantage by attempting to kill him from exertion from a regime of sex and Viagra, much to her disgust. She eventually succeeds in killing Frank Laslett and seducing Conrad Gates, earning herself the enmity of Amber Gates , Conrads mentally unstable wife in the process. The two have been feuding since.

Soon after the death of Frank discovered that she was pregnant, originally she believed it was Conrads but soon she discovered that it was Franks child through a video tape that arrived after his death. Frank had been perforating the condoms. Tanya kept this to herself and let Conrad believe that he was the father of her child as she thought she might lose him to Amber, who coincidentally had also discovered she was pregnant.

Ambers finally had her revenge and planted a bag of cocaine in Tanya’s handbag. Tanya ended up with a five-year jail sentence and was sent straight to Larkhall (the setting of Bad Girls).

Fourth series

When Amber was in labour Tanya demanded that a caesarean be performed on her, she did not want Amber to give birth first and also made sure that Conrad was kept in the dark that Amber was in labour. Tanya fearing that it would be discovered that her child was not pregnant had a nurse swap her and Amber's babies.

Upon returning to the house she shared with Amber and Conrad after giving birth, Tanya had the nurse cover her original child in fake tan in an effort to pass it off as Amber's when Hazel Bailey commented that the child Tanya claimed as hers was very dark .Meantime she suggested to Conrad that Amber was a threat to Troy and pretending to make amends and start a friendship with Amber going so far as to ask her to help Tanya be a good mother.

The results of Amber's paternity test on the child Tanya claimed as hers came back positive, proving that Conrad was the father, however the child was soon killed when Amber's dog, Krishna which was attracted to the smell of the fake tan smothered it to death while licking the fake tan off. Tanya, in an effort to throw Amber off the scent asked her to be the godmother.

Amber, who had already been unstable, became convinced that the babies had been swapped when she discovered that the dead child had been covered in fake tan. When Amber announces this at the babys christening she is made to look insane by Tanya. In an effort to calm the hysterical Amber down Conrad secretly takes a DNA sample from the sleeping child, making Amber promise that if she is wrong she will leave her and Tanya alone. Conrad proposes to Tanya, however the engagement is soon called off when the result of the DNA test is returned . Amber’s suspicions that Tanya switched the babies has been proven correct.

Conrad is furious and brutally attacks Tanya. But Amber restrains Conrad from strangling Tanya because she wants to see her punished for swapping the babies. Tanya, in an effort to save her skin, blackmails Conrad and Amber by threatening to tell the press all about their orgies and Amber's close relationship with her dog, which will cause the baby to be taken off them.

Conrad and Amber agree to allow Tanya to go quietly, but only after she gives them all of her money and signs over her shares in Earls Park. Tanya is seen leaving in a helicopter, bound for a flight to Rio de Janeiro , where she is seen at the end of the fourth episode of the fourth season chatting up a rich and elderly gentleman. She was last seen briefly in the final episode of the fourth season at a Brazilian airport with the ashes of her third husband in an urn heading on a plane to an unknown destination.

Bad Girls

Sixth series

Lucker portrayed her character during her five-year sentence in prison, which was cut short due to 'good behaviour' - grassing up a fellow inmate.

Tanya quickly became the new celebrity on G-Wing, yet was the target of many plots. She forged an unlikely alliance with the Governor, and was released early, resuming her life as a footballers wife.

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