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Profile of Mustafa Sandal on Famous Like Me

Name: Mustafa Sandal  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 11th January 1970
Place of Birth: Istanbul, Turkey
Profession: Actor
From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia
Mustafa Sandal, pictured at home in August 2003

Mustafa Sandal is a Turkish pop star and recently the most popular pop music singer in Turkey, who's internationally famous. Born on January 11, 1970 in Istanbul, he can speak English, Turkish, Italian, and French. He emerged in the early 90s and his albums regularly sell millions of copies. His latest international hits "Moonlight" and "Isyankar" topped the charts in Europe, like Germany, Switzerland, Austria and certainly Turkey.


Mustafa Sandal accomplished his high school studies in Geneva (Switzerland) and did two years of Marketing studies in New Hampshire College (USA) but he gave up his studies for music and went back to Istanbul (Turkey) his native country.

Sandal met at the Gelisim Studios well-known national musicians such as Onno Tunc, Selcuk bazaar, Ugur bazaar and Garo Mafyan with whom he ended up working. The friendship with Bulent Tezcan opened further doors for his musical career.

In 1994, his album "Suc Bende" sold 1,5 million Tapes and 200,000 CDs and became the biggest selling album of the year. With this success Mustafa played 140 concerts in Turkey and 30 in Europe. Also known as songwriter producer, Mustafa worked that same year with singer Sibel Alas on the album "Adam" that sold 400,000 copies.

In 1997, 27 years old at that time, Sandal decided to move to London, but his second album “Golgede Ayni", sold that summer over 2.5 million Tapes and 600,000 CDs. Sandal gave over 200 concerts and has astonished the population with his video of the single "Bir Anda" in which he has used tie-clip techniques. For Mustafa, it became clear that he couldn’t leave to London as he was also having irresistible offers such as producing the Turkish young rising artist Izel.

In 1998, he recorded and released the album "Detay" of which "Aya Benzer" was the first single. The song was quickly n°1 in the Turkish charts and the album won two Kral Awards (which is in Turkey the equivalent of the Grammy awards). In that same year, he toured in the USA, in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Holland, England, Sweden, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

In 1999, Sandal signed a contract with Sony in France, which made him worldwide operational. "Araba", one of his largest hits, came out with remix-versions for the European market. But all his English productions were flops, because he was considered as being extremely ugly and spotty.

In June 2000 Mustafa Sandal published his album "Akisina Birak", a joint venture work with the composer and musician Iskender Paydas. "Tek Gecerim" and "Hatirla Beni" were two great hits form this album. Besides Sandal established its own label Yada Productions, in order to be able to produce other artists more independently.

In June 2002 Mustafa Sandal finally brought his latest album "Kop” out with the hits "Pazara Kadar" and ”Kop”. This album led him this time to Russia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. That same year, Mustafa won a Kral Award for "Best Pop star".

In 2003, with the remix of his Top hit "Aya Benzer" Mustafa Sandal (featuring Gulcan) was back to Europe. He reached the top 10 in Germany, entered the Austrian Charts and did very well on Star Radio’s top 40. Then, he released a very nice song called "Araba 2004".

Between 2004 - 2005, Mustafa Sandal brought his maxi-single "Iste" (To Want) out with the hit "Isyankar" (Rebellious), which he has also brought as a single in Europe. This single topped the charts in Europe, like Germany, Austria and Switzerland and has remained over 4 months on top 20.



  • 1994 Suç Bende
  • 1996 Gölgede Aynı
  • 1998 Detay
  • 2000 Akışına Bırak
  • 2002 Kop
  • 2003 Seven (Universal)


  • 2003 Maxi Sandal
  • 2004 İste
  • 2005 İsyankar (Universal)
  • 2005 Yamalı Tövbeler


  • 2003 Aya Benzer / MOONLIGHT (Universal)
  • 2004 Araba (Universal)

Web Sites

  • Official English Web Site
  • Official Turkish Web Site
  • Official German Web Site

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