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Profile of Christian Harmony on Famous Like Me

Name: Christian Harmony  
Also Know As:
Date of Birth: 28th August 1974
Place of Birth: Danvers, Massachusetts, USA
Profession: Actor
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The Christian Harmony is a shape note hymn and tune book compiled by William Walker. The book was released in 1866ยน. It is part of the larger tradition of shape note singing.

William Walker was born in 1809 in South Carolina, and grew up near Spartanburg. He became a Baptist song leader and shape note "singing master". Walker and Benjamin Franklin White, publisher of the Sacred Harp, married sisters. In 1835, Walker published a tunebook entitled Southern Harmony in the four-shape notation. He incorporated over half of the contents of this Southern Harmony in his Christian Harmony in 1866. For the Christian Harmony, Walker changed from the "four-note" system to the "seven-shape" system. Retaining the original four shapes of the Southern Harmony, he devised three other shapes of his own. In explaining his change from the four-shape system which he had previously championed, Walker explained that parents wouldn't name seven children with only four names. A second edition was released in 1873. William Walker died on September 24, 1875.

The Christian Harmony is currently available in two editions - the "North Carolina" edition and the "Alabama" edition. The book used in western North Carolina is a 1979 reprint of Walker's 1873 edition of the Christian Harmony. None of the old songs were changed in the new reprint - four songs and some commentary were added. The "Alabama" edition is a line of revision of the Christian Harmony book in 1958. The work was carried out under the leadership of O. A. Parris and John H. Deason. This edition utilizes the seven-shape system of Jesse B. Aiken. This was an adaptation because Aikin's system was the most common among gospel singers in the South. In addition to changing to the Aikin notation, the 1958 revision deleted some songs and added new ones. It is used mainly in Alabama and Mississippi. A revision of the "Alabama" book was released in 1994, with a few song changes and corrections.


  • White Spirituals in the Southern Uplands, by George Pullen Jackson

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1. Some sources give the date as 1867.

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